LOR Processing - any suggestions to expedite?

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LOR Processing - any suggestions to expedite?

Post by ktc88 » Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:09 pm

I made the mistake of telling my manager at work there was no formal application deadline to DU, and only just got a rec from her yesterday. I overnighted it via UPS and it says it was delivered this morning at 10:30.

I submitted my app to DU explaining the missing LOR and that it should be there soon, and they told me LSAC updates their report on Tuesday. Tuesday is March 1 and is ideally when I wanted them to get it, but I wouldn't have been too upset about March 2 or 3. But now I'm worried they won't get it until the following Tuesday, March 8. This could easily determine if I get accepted or waitlisted at this point (my app is strong, I would have gotten scholly money if I applied earlier).

My question: Is there any reasonable and appropriate way of trying to get LSAC to process it faster? I know they have it, and I've heard of people addressing it directly to LOR dept which helps, and which I did not think to do.

Is there is a # or email I could call to try and direct the mail I know they have, or to ask them to send it as soon as they process it and not the following Tuesday?

Edit: Just to clarify I searched google / lsac website and did not find what looked like a good # / email


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Re: LOR Processing - any suggestions to expedite?

Post by Confused7 » Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:51 pm

You can ask your recommender to fax the letter and the LOR sheet to LSAC. Their fax number is 215-504-1444. I faxed recommendations to them that showed up within a few hours. Of course, you'd probably need to reprint the LOR sheet for that recommender, sign it, scan, and email it to them, but it's worth the extra steps if you want it in earlier. I'm not sure what will happen to the paper version that's already at LSAC though. I'm guessing you could just call them and explain that you don't need the duplicate.

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