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Image consultant

Post by basicgrey7 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:31 pm

Just thought I'd post some of my notes from when I went to an speech by an image consultant in 2008. I have a lot of extra notes about girls since I am one but a lot of universal ideas.
-Wardrobes that are good investments: any shade of blue, black, dark brown, grays, beige, tan, stone, darker shades of other colors
-1 button style jackets
-Any skirt with suit sets fine as long as it falls flat and there is no curve and it falls right above the kneecap
-Use color contrasts (strong contrast shows authority and power ie dark navy suit and crisp white shirt)
-You should have one black power suit in your wardrobe for big presentations, but use navy for interviews
-Black is draining on younger people
-Buy quality clothes-If you think about it, if you buy an expensive suit and wear it once a week for a year you get a lot of wear out of it
-Never underdress- you can take a jacket off but can't do without sometimes. Dress for where you want to advance to. See the people in positions that you want and dress like them.
- Wear a third piece to show that you care how you dress (ie casual jacket, vest, scarf, statement piece of jewelry- shows u can dress)
-Lucky magazine has good outfit suggestions
-Be cohesive- use similar style quality of fabrics. Don't wear a cheap shirt under a nice jacket. No tights under skirts-you need pantyhose.
-Coverup- more skin you show the less power people will give you. Choose sleeves over sleeveless and button all of your buttons.
- Alterations- get a good tailor and make it look custom made.
-Less foot you show in shoes the better, but never open toed. MAYBE slingbacks.
-Need a nice portfolio or briefcase (leather always better)
-Hair of of face, controlled, and styled, never wet. If you make a big career jump not a bad idea to get a makeover.
-Women wear makeup its expected to look natural-little eye definition, cover blemishes, lip gloss, mascara, blush

Hope that helped!

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