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Personal Statment

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Looking for feedback on my personal statement, don't hold back my mentor ripped up my first copy in my face lolol

Thanks in advance!!

It was not until a friend of mine fell victim to one of the notorious criminal gangs in my neighborhood that I opted to take my studies seriously to evade what looked as a destiny for most of the youths from San Antonio. My passion for law stems specifically from my curiosity in how the criminal justice bodies perceive youth who seemed not to have any other option in life but to contradict the set rules with reasons well known to them. For instance, there used to be daily commotions in my neighborhood whereby in the process most youths were being unfairly arrested and even deported. Throughout my life, I have aspired to be part of those people working towards ensuring a just society. I thereupon developed a strong love for law despite becoming the first one to get a master’s degree in my family and applying for the law school subsequently. Reflecting on what I had gone through in my past educational experience, I opted to undertake my masters while working full time just to avoid being cut off financially. Furthermore, I came to realize based on the experiences gained while working for a number of organizations that I had passion and a set of skills that would make a career in law as my perfect choice.
Based on my educational background, I was privileged to become a member of a number of organizations and clubs during my undergrad years. For instance, I was the head of publications of the criminal justice not to mention being a representative of the College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology in the Student Government Association. Alternatively, my love to serve others spearheaded my involvement in a number of volunteer and community service project such as Unchanging Hands. Therefore, working hand-in-hand with other community workers, I was on many occasions privileged to provide services like cleaning, offering basic aids to the poor, and also being in charge of other small groups in the organizations. Despite all these involvements, I kept in mind the need to achieve and also maintain a grade point average that was impressive academically. Thus, I have great expectations that given a chance in law school, I will extend the same spirit of academic achievement and serving others as I pursue my career.
My first contact with a number of professional lawyers at the Southwestern Association of Criminal Conference in Oklahoma City was an unforgettable experience The most important thing about it was the fact that I had a chance to present my own article in front of more than one hundred members, an occurrence that truly gave me more confidence. Furthermore, my love for being a lawyer was strongly instilled in me that day of the conference due to the high level of hospitality and friendliness from senior lawyers who had attended the conference. As a result, due to the entire experience in the conference, I realized the need for me too to balance my individual caring with great technical knowledge and my empathetic personality.
Having scholastically improved due to several fieldwork experiences that I had gained ranging from working as a Student Associate to becoming a supervisor at the Brazos County Juvenile Detention Center, I have a feeling of being capable and proficient to try a career in law. Most importantly, working as a supervisor in a Juvenile Detention Center has given me more confidence to target a more advanced career which would be of great value in regard to impacting the lives of the youth especially in my neighborhood. Therefore, I have proven specifically to myself that nothing can stop me from succeeding in anything as long as my mind is set, and I am glad to proclaim that indeed practicing law is my dream career. It is, therefore, my expectations that I will positively contribute to building a strong foundation academically in law as I subsequently build my career when offered a chance. Conclusively, as I look forward to being granted the opportunity to attend law school, the memories of my neighborhood experience still roam in my mind since they need at least someone who will stand in to defend their rights and help then ease their stresses.

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