Waitlistes now Reapplying PS HELP!!

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Waitlistes now Reapplying PS HELP!!

Post by Destiny0921 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:46 am

Hi everyone! Last cycle I was waitlisted to the school I wanted to attend now I’m reapply & thinking of how to edit my PS! Please see below & critique of advise on how you think I could make it better than when I applied the first time or If I should write another one ! Thanks

He would blink once for no and twice for yes. In August 2010, I spent the majority of my sophomore year at a hospital in Waco, Texas, to be with my father, as he suffered a massive stroke that left him paralyzed from the neck down and unable to speak. My finger would glide from one letter to the next following a brief pause to spell out my father’s thoughts. This process was the only way we could communicate. My finger landed on a final letter, and my father blinked twice with a smile. With that motion, my father displayed his continued support and pushed me to finish the remainder of my education at the University of Houston.
I followed his guidance as I had many times in the past, despite my inclination to stay by his side. Growing up in a small town where attending college is not the norm for high school seniors and in a family without any baccalaureate degrees, envisioning my future was unfathomable at times. Nevertheless, these statistics did not deter me but rather motivated me to attend college with the continued support of my father. I was unaware of the difficult journey that would follow my decisions to both initially attend the University of Houston and leave my father’s side to continue my studies on campus, but I persevered as the obstacles mounted.
I lost my grandfather during my freshman year, the first of many hardships I experienced during college. My grandfather, much like his son, was an ardent advocate for education and his words of encouragement carried me through his passing and the other hurdles I would face later in life. About a year after returning to the University of Houston campus, I encountered yet another challenge that would require careful planning. My husband and I found out that I was pregnant. Despite my fears, my husband assured me that our daughter would be additional motivation for me in my studies, and he was right.
My daughter pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. This little life growing inside of me became my driving force to excel and to be great. I was not sure how I was going to continue my education with a new-born, but I knew I could not give up on my dreams and making my daughter proud. With my daughter in tow, I reflected on and reaffirmed my earlier passions and goals with greater determination than ever before.
Growing up as the daughter of the neighborhood church pastor who was also a tremendous supporter of the African American community, I heard first-hand how our community felt towards the criminal justice system. I focused on studying African American communities and their sentiments towards the criminal justice system. To ground my studies, I volunteered in many community programs focused on inequality within the criminal justice system and improving the lives of African Americans. As a result of my studies and volunteering, I developed a deeper understanding of the African-American community’s needs, and I will use my law degree to serve my community better and improve their lives. As an attorney, I will practice law to help restore the lacking faith in the criminal justice system and act as an officer of the court that understands their background and interests.
All in all, my father continued improving, my husband and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and I never stopped pursuing my education. I pressed on, more goal-driven and dedicated than before. I learned that our circumstances do not determine our disposition nor outcome. Moreover, I learned that obstacles will always be present and as such, we must not allow obstacles to distract us from our biggest aspirations. As a law student, these are words I will use to encourage my classmates and me when the burden is heavy. As an attorney, I will always remember my goals for the criminal
justice system: justice and fairness. I will utilize the lessons learned as a pastor's daughter in a disadvantaged community, remember the wisdom of my grandfather to overcome future challenges, and the desire to both improve my daughter's life and make her proud to be a successful law student and attorney. With all of the impediments I have overcome, I have no doubt that I will perform exceptionally in law school and represent _______ with the utmost integrity.

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