Need some clear direction

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Need some clear direction

Post by tsmalls33 » Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:08 am

I'm nearing the end of writing my personal statement and it seems to hit the major criteria. There is something, however, that might be inherently contradictory and thus something I'm not entirely sure that I want to say.

In the PS, I talk about a philosophical perspective on morals and duty that has shaped my life. In sum, it illustrates an imperative that all have to act to "save" (help) others. This is shown by the jobs (emergency services) I've held focusing on "saving" (helping) other people. I'm having some trouble tying it back in to why exactly I want to be an attorney. But I feel that if I say this or something like it, schools would say you should stay in your current jobs, regardless of my gpa and lsat score.

Is this an issue? And is it too "high-minded" to state how a philosophical sense of duty shapes decisions?

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