How would TLS tackle this PS prompt?

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How would TLS tackle this PS prompt?

Post by Platodium » Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:30 am

So one of the schools I intend on applying to (Osgoode, a Canadian school) deviates from the more open-ended norm of PS prompts by limiting responses to the following (Note that 2000 characters = approx 350 words):

Part A

Discuss any significant personal, academic work experiences or career/life achievements that you feel are relevant to your application (Limit for response is 2000 characters).

Some of the topics you may wish to include:

a) Community leadership and involvement
b) Academic leadership and involvement
c) Advanced academic work
d) Athletic activities

Part B

Discuss why you are interested in pursuing a legal education and how you see yourself using your law degree in the future (limit for response is 2000 characters).

I find that this separation (and limited word count) really hinders the prospect of a story-style PS. Part A almost seems to ask for a summary of your resume that everyone here would discourage (for good reason).

Any creative ideas for tackling this kind of prompt? Or are there any resources available that conform to this kind of style? Right now I see Part A as a very mini-PS (350 words). And I guess Part B is straightforward.


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Re: How would TLS tackle this PS prompt?

Post by Davidbentley » Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:46 am

Part A: Anecdote that conveys something about yourself that you wish to sell. Preferably, something that expounds upon something in your resume.

Part B: Why Law?

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