Rules for the Anonymous Post Feature

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Rules for the Anonymous Post Feature

Post by TLS Moderators » Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:36 am

Within this forum, the anonymous post feature is meant to give people the freedom to post and refine their admission essays without fear of having those essay linked to their account's identity. It is not meant to allow people to be anonymously insulting, hostile, or demeaning.

If you see a comment that you believe is misuse or abuse of the anon feature, please report it using the Report button in the upper-right corner of each post. This button, which appears as a black exclamation point, allows you to flag a post for moderator investigation.

Moderators still know who is posting under the anonymous feature. Failure to use the anonymous feature as intended may result in the offending post being stripped of anonymity (even if this links the offending poster to sensitive information), and/or the banning of the offending poster's account.

Moderators may announce when they have taken action against a poster, but this is only for transparency, not to invite debate about the anon policy. Do NOT post in the thread itself about whether or not something violates the anon abuse policy; this is considered thread derailment and may get you banned as well. There are other places you can do this, such as PM or an appropriate Lounge thread such as this one: ... 0&t=146657.


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