Moving to LA for law school? Don't have a place yet?

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Moving to LA for law school? Don't have a place yet?

Post by silveri » Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:19 pm

If anybody is looking to move out to LA in the beginning of July I've got a proposal for you.

I just found a beautiful apartment apartment in Santa Monica (5 miles from UCLA, less than 10 miles to Loyola Marymount and Pepperdine and 2 miles from the beach) with a lease starting on July 5th. The apartment is a huge 1 bdr 1 bath with hardwood floors, a backyard, laundry, walking distance to a park, grocery stores, bars, etc. Address is 2301 Oak St.

The only catch (at least from my perspective) is that I am planning on spending July in Tahoe with my girlfriend. Also, I have a car that needs somewhere to live for the same time period.

For $800 (1/2 the July rent) you can have the place and the use of the car July 5th-Aug 2nd. This would be an ideal situation for somebody who is moving across the country and wants to take their time looking for the right place. I can be somewhat flexible on dates and price if that's a dealbreaker.

Let me know via private message or my email if you are interested.


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