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Scholarship negotion

Post by xmixx68 » Fri Feb 03, 2023 2:05 am

Hi guys,

I got my last GRE score as follows:

Verbal 165, 96th percentile
Quant 164, 81th percentile
Writing 4.0, 54th percentile
GPA 3.4.

Now, I received offers from these:

UCLA rejected
Penn rejected
California Western, 75% (43-45K) tuitions waive (Dean's Scholarship, conditional)
Penn Dickinson, 40k tuitions waive (conditional)
Chicago Kent, waitlist

I'm also waiting for other offers. (Georgia, Berkeley, Hastings)

Have I a chance for other schools, and should I wait for more?
Should I mention Kent's waitlist when I start negotiations?
Can I start negotiations with both to give the full-ride?
My only aim is the full-ride. Do you think I can get it?


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