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J...the self proclaimed #1 David the Gnome Fan

Post by jerryike » Mon Mar 19, 2007 4:26 am

What's going on people. The name's Jerry Ike, well, Jeremiah, but my friends call me J, Ike, or Sir J. You can call me Jerry Ike. Basically there's millions of things I can talk of right now but I'll basically give a brief summary of my life.

I'm first generation Nigerian, son of my dad, and my mommy, the latter being the sole reason why I am who I am. My dad was always "there" physically, but my mommy was the cornerstone, foundation, plaster and shingles to my family. Supporting 5 kids in Trenton, NJ, (one of, if not the most dangerous cities in New Jersey), my mommy literally gave up her entire life just for us to be safe and happy. I can honestly say I'm different from the average because of her; not only because of the way I look at women and individuals as a whole, but because of how I see life, but that's another story.

So here I am, on TLS. Graduate of Rutgers University with a double major in Economics and Women& Gender Studies. Yes I know, that'll be another day. I began my own clothing company (http://www.turtlevan.com) and am linking that with a future promotions company in the near future. I DJ on the side, and am moving to NY soon to live with my sis and work at a temp legal agency somewhere in the city, as well as dj at some local spots. I used to tutor kids and honestly want a ton of them 'when i grow up'. I like to say 'when i grow up' so i can still feel young. O yeah, I'm 23, and refuse to see the movie 23 until i am 24. Can't risk anything important, like my life u know.

Basically I'm here on this site to soak in as much as I can from people who have the same aspirations as I. Everyday it seems that I am amazed by someone on here. From floridagirls obssession with felines, to corsair's stalker-like avatar and brittlynn's love of expelling intestinal gas through the anus, and being nice enough to teach me all about the art, it's very interesting. I feel as though this is as good a place as I should be in order to prepare myself for law school, so as long as there's an extra seat at the table, and somebody prepared the chicken right (cuz you know we like chicken...and by we I mean potential law students of course... :P ), then I'm here for the ride.

I'm currently watching Season 6 of FRIENDS for the 981273987th time, so i gotta go. Ross is aboutta get his teeth whitened.



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Post by jerryike » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:53 pm

Judge America

Im scared...i feel as though im trapped within
a cage, thats got me fazed, pulling my every limb
no way i can survive, no day i sit and lie
thinkin that the next nite that these kids wont be alive
im cornered, in a position im not comfy with
because the law says they must die, maybe get the chair
but my heart sheds tears, it cries, i dont think its fair
that these people would end the lives of these young 3 kids
but my feelings must stay neutral
how is one man's vote so crucial
strong 'nuff to end lives that God has made so beautiful?
so the jury steps in, as do the little 3
after only seconds "we the jury find them guilty...
these 3 young children have scoffed at feds in the past
now we laugh and get em back, off with their heads alas!"
so without hesitation the feds escort them out
3 black women, all pregnant, cursin off at the mouth
"we aint do nuttin b*tch, how we going to jail?
this aint fair, how you dear, not let justice prevail?"
as the judge, i was saddened as i tried to see
the effects of degradation from society
sending off 3 women with babies in their tummies
embryos, that would grow up to crazy hoodlums, dummies
thugs and delinquents, guns shot ballistic
n*ggers that turn from humans to just mere statistics
so to end this sh*t, we kill em before theyre made
protecting the land of the free, and the home of the brave

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Post by jerryike » Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:50 pm

wow...reading through Ken's blog made me think. alot. how such a peaceful event like conversing with your own beloved father can turn so dramatic in a blink of an eye. crazy.

it's weird, because when many of us see celebrities, we feel as though their lives must be a wonderland 24/7. i tend to feel that way towards most people, because i know my life, and can't fathom many people, at least here on this site, having a rougher time than me. it's my ignorance, i'm sorry.

i'm glad to hear Ken's story however, not because of what occured, but because of how he has bounced back from this and other hardships he has overcome. i feel as though he epitomizes how i wish my drive and determination to be, and how i hope 2 bounce back in times of hardship.

in the end it all goes back to my slogan for life. DO YOU. no matter what is before you, no matter what tragedies or problems you have to face, as long as you're true to yourself you'll be fine. Too many times people live for and through others, instead of enjoying the real things in life, like spending time with the ones you love.

I dunno, I'm rambling, but this did remind me of a short thingy i wrote back a few years ago during one of my undergrad classes when the teacher was professing and i was day dreaming.:

i reach for the stars
get lost in the clouds
birds sh*t atop my head as i fall to the ground
accelerating back to reality
where we're racking up mortalities
get excited over gas prices, but brush off human deaths casually.
blacks shoot family over colors
metros all like one another
dont wanna be negros, but getting tanned up like a brother
lipo sucks the life and essence
outta these female adolescents
altering their parents presence just to fulfill personal preference..
people imitate others gear, become rebels, break rules
whatever it takes to make cool in the eyes of their peers
make cake, and then floss, go broke shoppin in malls
just to get some turned heads, a few dropping of jaws
you bought the applause, now u gotta prove it again
continuously doing what it takes just to keep em as friends
until one day.
the embilicals cut, your friends backs are vacant
no more support, 'youre on your own'...like masturbation
youre lost without purpose, you feel lonely, inferior
for you no longer recognize the reflection in the mirror
you've lived your whole life thru peers u couldnt resist
so though your body's still here, YOU no longer exist.

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Post by jerryike » Sun Jul 08, 2007 7:19 pm

so yeah, June LSATS are done and i got a 158, 10 points higher than my feb LSAT. Many people would be very very dissapointed with that score, but not I. I realized that because I have read slow my entire life, and even after training I could cut the time minimally, but not nearly enough to finish all the sections of the LSAT, I shot for a 160, knowing that at best I would reach questions #20 on any given LR or RC section, because of my slow reading. Test day I reached #19 on both LR sections, did the damn thing on the LG, and confidently did 3/4 of the RC section. So I take my 158 with a smile.

Thank you everyone for all your help in assisting me to get to this point. Truly appreciated.

so what is J gonna do now?

well since i received my score, my uncle, who owns an airline, contacted me and wanted me to meet him in his office in Manhattan. I did so and he was telling me he just purchased an oil refinery, and wants me to work for him and assist him in his daily tasks. BIG BIG opportunity. I havent given him the official yes yet, because i know once i do im gonna have to work my ass off that very second, and i know that if i work for him, i will have no time to work in any firm over the summer. i'm not sure if i want to sacrifice that, but i am also not sure if i want to pursue law anymore with an offer like this on the table. I have entreprenuer flowing through my veins, and this could be the thing i needed to propel myself to a whole nother level. So yeah, that's where Im at now.

I'll be away from TLS for a while, as I try to play with this little thing called the real world, but i will be back to let you all know my final decision.

Thanks again, and umm.....bow shikka wow wowwww

as always...a quick self poem...


Money is the root of all evil
Greed is the leaves
The fruit's juice is the noose who's hanging us people from trees
slavery's ceased?,
naa man, the master is "cha-chingg"
making us work our asses off for the simplest of things
no joke,
we buy expensive clothes then go broke,
captive to the system, present day slaves, just no boat
the field yards are now streets,
hymns once sung are now beats
brothas think they have to rap or deal to make it out free-
get dough, now they startin to bling,
its hard to see, these were the dreams of Martin Lu King
soon ya, cake is down to mere crumbs
glare stunned
yesterdays baller quickly becomes todays bum
this real shit it aint highschool, burn popularity's bible
and stop acting like ya life is like american idol
grow up....
never let the manure,
that you see on tv be things you live your life for
your existence is worthless kiiiiid...
if you allow your purchaseeeeesss...
to define you, and shine through, your true life purposessss.

ya dig?

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