So Harvard called....

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So Harvard called....

Post by lai » Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:43 pm

So I sat back on the couch, feeling a little relaxed. I had just sipped on some apple juice to moisten my dry throat. And then, my blackberry, stuck on my belt holster, vibrated. I thought out loudly, “Not another client calling in to complain about one thing or another”. I took out the phone, and it was from a 617 area code. I did not know what to make of it since I normally do not pick up unfamiliar calls. Right there in my eyes, the 617 number changed to Toby Stock.

Toby Stock? Who is Toby Stock? It did not make any sense. I thought it was probably a new client that had called earlier inquiring about my services. But his name is not Toby. As the phone vibrated, and I stared at caller, who I did not remember saving his information on my phone, it became apparent that this might be someone calling a wrong number. Right then and there, a light bulb went on, and I remembered that I had read on a Law Admissions forum some weeks before that Toby Stock from Harvard Law admissions calls up students to interview, and subsequently extend to them an admission spot.

This was not the person that I was expecting to call me, but I certainly was going to take full advantage of the opportunity. I know Harvard Law claims that they do admit students every year that did not expect to be admitted, but common, this is Harvad Law School. Nobody expects to be admitted.

Anyway, I picked up the phone and said, “Hello”

“Hello there, good afternoon”, the voice on the other end said. “Can I speak with xxxxx xxxxxx?”

This is xxxxxxx speaking. How may I help you?

“This is Toby from Harvard Law. I am calling to for a follow up interview for the application you submitted to Harvard.” At this point, my heart jumped in my mouth, and my throat became as dry as paper. I picked up the cup of juice and sipped a little on it without making a sound. I was wary about phone etiquette of not eating or drinking. To my surprise, Toby said, “How’s the apple juice. I bet it’s refreshing to have a clod one on a hot afternoon right there.”

Excuse me, what did you say? I asked.

“You heard me”, he continued, you were sipping on juice right?

How did you know that? I asked.

Don’t worry. He replied.

We then went on to talk about my personal statement (I won’t be sharing details here). He asked me why I decided to write something that personal and I told him that I had not really discussed it with anyone before, and the personal statement was a way for me to try and find an avenue to deal with the horrors that came with the event.

He seemed genuinely impressed with my answers overall, and then he said, “Well, thanks for your time. You’ll be hearing from us soon about our decision. He then hung up.

I breathed a sign of relief. I was just happy to get it over with. I was not sure how to react. I very cautious about being optimitic. The next thing I saw was my phone ringing. This time it was my land phone. I picked it up again and guess who it was. “TOBY”

I started to wonder how he got my home phone, especially since I did not list it on the application. I just moved into a new apartment a few days earlier and nobody, except for my parents had it yet.

“How did you get my phone number?” I asked.

“Dont worry about that.” He replied. He then continued, I have news for you.

My heart started beating fast.

He said, “Welcome to Harvard Law School - Class of 2011.”



NOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I had been dreaming.


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