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What are the vibes at these schools?

Post by TACHLS2 » Thu Apr 27, 2023 3:01 pm

Right now I’m looking at the following law schools

Boston College
William & Mary
Washington & Lee
University of Richmond

Can anyone who has experience with these schools give me an idea of what the vibes are?( what are the students like?, what’s the culture like?)


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Re: What are the vibes at these schools?

Post by crazywafflez » Thu Apr 27, 2023 3:54 pm

It's tough to say what "vibes" are, and I didn't attend any of these schools as an undergrad or a law student.
Fordham - I know nothing about them. I assume they'd have a more competitive atmosphere just due to push for BL.
Boston College- had a friend go here for law school and another for undergrad. Both enjoyed their time and stated it was more laidback, but filled with a lot of New England "elites". There's a thing called the double or triple eagle, idk, just know upper middle class folks from the area really like BC and it has connections in the city.
William & Mary - again, friends who went to both. Quirky UG, fun atmosphere. Not competitive, seems like a a neat place.
Washington & Lee - sorta akin to BC, but for parts of the South, to an extent- I don't think its alum have the same footing BC's alum do. No clue how competitive it is. I have one friend who went there for undergrad and he enjoyed it a lot. My old firm had a law school grad from there; we didn't talk about the school, but he struck me as quite an intelligent person and was a good attorney.
University of Richmond - have friends who went here for undergrad, and know one attorney who attended it for law school. She liked the law school. It seems to be well respected in Richmond, isn't terrible known outside the state though.
I think the 3 VA schools are all peers, to a degree, with W&L being the "strongest" for BL and UR being the "weakest", but again, they aren't worlds off and if you plan on practicing in VA, i'd just go to the cheapest one. As for BC and Fordham, I think historically a strong contingent of their classes go on to BL (something akin to 30-40% in good economic times?), but obviously stay in their markets. I think what the total costs are and your goals are more important ultimately than "vibe" unless you are wealthy, in which case, fuck it and go for vibe and nicest campus (which, I assume would be UR or W&M).

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Re: What are the vibes at these schools?

Post by cavalier1138 » Fri Apr 28, 2023 7:39 am

The "vibes" at any school are largely the same and much, much, much less important than the information you left out of your post.

What are your career goals? Cost of attendance at each school? LSAT/GPA?

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