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ASU - BYU - UofA

Post by Charliehardy » Mon Jan 10, 2022 10:12 pm

Hi! I am hoping for some advice. As of now, I have been accepted into Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, and University of Arizona. Does anyone have any advice about these schools and what their strengths/weaknesses are, or reasons to attend?

I am really looking for excellent experiential learning opportunities, including potential international law opportunities. I am really not certain exactly what type of law I want to go into, but my interests mainly lie in the broad human rights area- both international and domestic. I want a school that will actively help me get experience.

I am committed to financing without loans if at ALL possible. I am planning to use scholarships and savings to cover tuition, and my husband will be working.

LSAT - 170 (taken once)
GPA - 3.51 at university, 3.49 with transfer credits from high school (oops.) My application contains an addendum explaining my lower GPA.

Tuition - $84,174
Scholarship - $65,000

Tuition - $77,562
Scholarship - $73,500

Tuition - $42,624
Scholarship - TBD

Any advice would be so, so appreciated!

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Re: ASU - BYU - UofA

Post by Prudent_Jurist » Mon Jan 10, 2022 10:58 pm

I know nothing about international law because it’s a fairly unicorn area, from what I understand. That caveat aside, I can only speak to ASU because that’s where I went.

If you’re looking to take electives in international law, they’ve got plenty. ASU’s Jessup International Moot Court team does well, too. Unique to ASU is their emphasis in Native American law and rights. The school generally does a good job helping you find opportunities to pursue your interests. There’s also a Washington DC program. I had a couple friends do that while working in the State Department. Also, there’s a lot of immigration law work to be done given AZ’s shared border with Mexico. I know of one attorney who made a career handling border transactions for clients across the border, too.

But the thing to look out for is job prospects. I don’t know how great they’ll be in international law coming from these schools. ASU (and UofA) tend to feed into the regional Phoenix legal job market. ASU tends to dominate in the market, but if you’re going into public interest, that may not matter as much.

I think your key decision is whether you want to end up in AZ post-graduation or Utah.

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