Depressed and Disappointed - 163 LSAT w/ 3.6 GPA

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Re: Depressed and Disappointed - 163 LSAT w/ 3.6 GPA

Post by daiff » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:56 am

sittykitty wrote:
m1kex wrote:I think that this is all too crazy. The majority of the population can't even get into the 160s, and you're depressed because you scored a 163? So what if a T14 won't take you? Since when is that the end of the world? Since when does a T14 determine your future. Dude, look in terms of the long run. Stop wasting your time. Get into a law school, graduate, take the bar, become a lawyer and then work your ass off. Become your own man, become successful. a T14 won't make or break you. I know a guy who graduated Brooklyn Law School who is a millionaire and a guy who went to Harvard for undergrad and Georgetown for Law School and reconsidered his career, decided he wanted to be a doctor, is currently taking undergrad prereqs at Hunter, and is tutoring to earn his living. So, I mean... what is this depressed stuff? The future is in your hands. I'm highly against spending another 2 years to try and re-take the test instead of spending those two years at an accelerated JD program for example. I don't know who your mentors are in life, but bro. Stop obsessing. Get your shit together and head in the game, and GO. TO. LAW. SCHOOL.
Dude this thread is from 2012

It'd good if the OP comes out and let us know where in life he is now.

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