For those interested in public interest AVOID Cornell Law

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For those interested in public interest AVOID Cornell Law

Post by express01 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:56 am

For those considering Cornell and interested in PI: please be aware that the Public Interest Low Income Protection Plan (PILIPP) requires participants to enroll in the Standard repayment plan; graduates in IBR are not eligible. (learned it through a friend doing PI in cornell).

Compared with Cornell's other peer schools, such as G-town, this could result in tens of thousands of additional loan payment if you are planning to stay in P/I for 10 years+.

Example: If you are making $65,000/year in NYC, and choose to enroll in IBR, you will pay ZERO if you go to Gtown. You will be paying around $6000 per year if you choose to go to Cornell. This is like the only school in T14 that DOES NOT subsidize IBR.

To be fair, Cornell's program could be beneficial if you plan to stay in P/I for a few years and then jump the ship to the private sector. Even then, its contribution formula is downright atrocious compared to those of NYU / Columbia etc.

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