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Fordham PT

Post by methawk » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:41 pm

Very interested in people's response to the following questions, especially if one has first hand knowledge:

1. Transfer policy from PT to FT (when can it be done, % of people who want to do it are successful,
2. Are PT student ranked with their entering class including FT?
3. PT eligibility for law review or other journals/moot court and 0n campus interviews
4. If transfer after first year, can you still graduate in three years? When/how do you make up the credits?
5. Perhaps most importantly, employment prospects (especially "biglaw"). Do employers generally look down on PT? Do they look down on PT if you don't work while also going to school? Are the prospects just as good, if not similar, to FT students? Do you have better chance at landing a better position PT at fordham v. say, FT at Brooklyn or Cardozo.


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