Illinois $$ vs Emory $$ vs W&L $$

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Illinois $$ vs Emory $$ vs W&L $$

Illinois - $25,000/year guaranteed
Emory - $20,000/year
W&L - $24,00/year with 3.0 GPA min.
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Illinois $$ vs Emory $$ vs W&L $$

Post by cbananna » Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:47 am

(23) Illinois - $25,000/year guaranteed
(20) Emory - $20,000/year
(28) W&L - $24,00/year with 3.0 GPA min.

I'm from San Diego (new to cold weather), interested in eventually living on the East (DC, Boston..) interested in international corporate, health or environmental law (this is incredibly vague, I know..)

I enjoyed ASW at W&L, not turned off at all by the small town, and thought the close, supportive community was a huge plus.
Visiting Illinois April 9th, not keen on the midwest but Urbana sounds more culturally stimulating than Lexington (concern for me) and would take a gamble on its portability
Unsure entirely about Emory (Would prefer a small, safe town for school however prestige is tempting)

Want min[debt]

Basically, help..

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Re: Illinois $$ vs Emory $$ vs W&L $$

Post by TCScrutinizer » Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:45 am

None of those schools feed particularly well into Boston. The portability of UIUC is probably the best of the three. I would expect W&L to feed into the D.C. or NOVA/eastern seaboard market far better the other two choices.

I wouldn't go to UIUC if you weren't at least considering Chicago as a possibility. My understanding (and a not unreasonable assumption to make) is that the best jobs available coming out of UIUC are primarily in the Chicago market.

Emory has a good name. I'm not nearly so familiar with how it transports though. Hopefully someone else has this info.


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Re: Illinois $$ vs Emory $$ vs W&L $$

Post by rando » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:30 am

Emory feeds much better into NY than either of those. And obviously, the Atlanta market if you're interested.

Emory is located just outside the city. It is in a nice neighborhood that verges on urban/suburban. Kind of hard to describe actually, I would suggest visiting. Either way, much much much different than Washington & Lee.

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