3.77 / 173 / HYP undergrad

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3.77 / 173 / HYP undergrad

Postby solarbear » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:03 pm

I wanted to make this topic because it looks like my raw numbers put me at ~50% at Harvard and Chicago (albeit with a pretty low sample size). I got a 173 after my first take in September, and got a 3.77 in what's essentially a public policy major. I was testing at 175+ so I'm happy with the score, but I'm still mulling over a retake in November vs. applying earlier in the cycle.

I'm about a year out of HYP undergrad with "name brand" work experience in consulting and investment banking as well as an externship with a federal district judge. With my numbers, will any of these factors give me a meaningful nudge above a coin flip at either school? My ideal would be to do the Doctoroff program at Chicago (or go for the JD/MBA at either school), and would also really appreciate any advice you all might have on applying to that program in particular vs. applying for a joint degree after 1L.

Additionally, from looking around this message board, it looks like I might have a shot at some merit money at Columbia and NYU, but probably no chance at any of the named scholarships -- is that assumption correct?

Thanks for your time and input!


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Re: 3.77 / 173 / HYP undergrad

Postby 5571 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:18 pm

Your chances are probably slightly better at Chicago than Harvard. If I were you I would write a 'why Chicago' essay -- some people last year felt they had been yield-protected against, not speaking to the validity of that opinion but I doubt it could hurt to express interest. I think your softs could definitely help, stats are king in law school admissions but when people are on the fence that's what softs are for.

Your GPA won't hold you back at either of the business schools, and it sounds like you have good work experience, so with a good GMAT the JD/MBA programs at these schools would probably be attainable. You can apply during your 1L year for these as well and it sounds like the law schools may actually be tougher for you to get in to so I would consider just focusing on that for now.

If you put your stats in myLSN it looks like a few people got full rides or close to that at Columbia and NYU and most got some money. Not impossible but not likely that you wouldn't have to pay to go to those schools


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Re: 3.77 / 173 / HYP undergrad

Postby QContinuum » Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:17 pm

Here's MyLSN for your current stats:
As you can see, you have about a coin flip shot at Harvard, and great odds at CCN and down with roughly a half-tuition scholly. You might overperform somewhat given your HYP undergrad, but broadly I wouldn't expect your results to be too different from the numbers above. Your softs are decent but pretty common among T13 applicants.

If you can get your LSAT above 175, your odds do improve significantly at Harvard, and it looks like you'd be in line for more $ at CCN and down:
I'd probably lean toward applying now, and updating schools with your new LSAT should you score better in November. Since you're already in the mid-170s, any further improvements will largely be a function of exam-day luck, so I don't think I'd necessarily hold off on applying in your shoes.


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Re: 3.77 / 173 / HYP undergrad

Postby yungfenix » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:49 pm

Not a lot of people on here went to HYP undergrad, and people on this website are generally of the impression that your undergrad school doesn’t matter when it comes to law school admissions. While it is true that you won’t be actively discriminated against for going to a less prestigious undergrad school, going to HYP can definitely improve your odds. The exact extent to which it’ll help is unknown, but I’m pretty sure you can check with career services at Harvard for data on other undergraduates who’ve applied to law school

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