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The defining feature of this site is the TLS forums which historically has been focused primarily on law school applicants with discussion forums such as the law school admissions forum, the LSAT prep forum, the personal statement forum, and the choosing a law school forum. However, over the years the forums for law school students and graduates have become quite popular as well especially the bar prep forum, the legal employment forum, and the forum for law school students. A couple of other noteworthy forums are the law school graduates only forum (verification of graduate status required) and the TLS lounge (registration required).

Below are some recent posts and topics that highlight the publicly visible activity on the TLS forums (click here to view latest posts).

Law School Applicants

2019 Above the Law ATL Rankings (7) -   in: Choosing a Law School

Office job vs fast food management + my softs generally (4) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

Feedback? (3) -   in: Law School Personal Statements

What percent of students flunk out of law schools like USC and UC Berkeley? (26) -   in: Law School FAQ

Cancel or not? (8) -   in: LSAT Prep and Discussion Forum

What are my chances? (5) -   in: What are my chances?

Willing applying to schools at the same time as my identical twin brother change much? (2) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

UNC vs Wake vs UW Madison (46) -   in: Choosing a Law School

Investment Banking to Law? (24) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

Black Male, 3.3GPA 152 LSAT (24) -   in: Under Represented Law Student Forum

GPA from 2.0 to 3.7 (3) -   in: What are my chances?

Starting law school again after leaving for Health Issues (1) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

JD-PhD in African-American Studies? (8) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

Working You Way into BigLaw (10) -   in: Ask a Law Student / Graduate

What are my chances (plan for improvement) (11) -   in: What are my chances?

Harvard Student(s) Answering Your Questions (8776) -   in: Ask a Law Student / Graduate

Honor Code Violation (8) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

Engineer with Ph.D considering law (8) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

Law Students

HLS Transfer 2019 (1) -   in: Transfers

Columbia Transfer 2019 (23) -   in: Transfers

HLS phone interview (3) -   in: Transfers

Chances for another clerkship (1) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Let's talk 2nd Circuit! (180) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Found Errors in Submitted Writing Sample, Help! (9) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Cardozo to GULC? (2) -   in: Transfers

Movement Today (204) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

NYU Law Transfer Thread 2019 (28) -   in: Transfers

Let's talk 5th Circuit! (159) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

2018-2019 Post-Clerkship Hiring (348) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Chances at NU / UC? (2) -   in: Transfers

Advice? T30 URM, 2.98 GPA (10) -   in: Transfers

Applying to Judicial Nominee (5) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Chicago Law Transfer Thread 2019 (2) -   in: Transfers

Northwestern Transfer 2021 (5) -   in: Transfers

Part-time GULC transfer (5) -   in: Transfers

GULC EA/RD Transfer 2019 (257) -   in: Transfers

Let's Talk 10th Circuit! (138) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

UVA Transfer Thread 2019 (1) -   in: Transfers


Lateral Regret (7) -   in: Legal Employment

SEMJF 2019 (14) -   in: Legal Employment

Typical In-House Salary Package for Junior Lawyer? (153) -   in: Legal Employment

Pre-OCI 2019 (29) -   in: Legal Employment

GPA on resume? (7) -   in: Legal Employment

Miserable Partner War Stories (32) -   in: Legal Employment

Lawyers who switched from litigation to corporate—Happy with Switch? (6) -   in: Legal Employment

Anyone here know about working as an NYC agency attorney? (17) -   in: Legal Employment

Georgetown OCI 2019 (18) -   in: Legal Employment

Columbia EIP 2019 (4) -   in: Legal Employment

Switching from Bankruptcy to (Conventional) Litigation: How, and Should I? (1) -   in: Legal Employment

Solo Practice Q&A (52) -   in: Legal Employment

The Vale of Tears (3L Job Hunting) (No advice for 0/1/2Ls) (11542) -   in: Legal Employment

Anyone like their group’s partners but not associates? (3) -   in: Legal Employment

Feb 2019 DC Bar (68) -   in: Bar Exam Prep and Discussion Forum

Future of specialized white-collar criminal defense / investigations (1) -   in: Legal Employment

2019 July California Bar (110) -   in: Bar Exam Prep and Discussion Forum

Covington perks/benefits (11) -   in: Legal Employment

How do firms decide on offers? (2) -   in: Legal Employment

2.92 GPA after 1L year Advice? (10) -   in: Legal Employment

Did anyone apply to the SEC recently (20) -   in: Legal Employment

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