3.56 / 168 / Professional ballet dancer

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3.56 / 168 / Professional ballet dancer

Postby connorpro » Sat Sep 29, 2018 5:02 pm

I have a strong upward trend in my GPA and 3 solid LOR’s (2 academic, 1 professional). I worked as a professional ballet dancer for 4 years after college. My personal statement discusses my reasons for changing career paths and how my experiences as an artist will motivate my study of law.

I’m targeting the T14, my top schools being Columbia, NYU, UPenn, Cornell in that order. I'm planning to retake the LSAT in November because I know I can do better. Still, I'm curious what my chances are with my current stats. How would my chances differ if I were to apply later in the cycle with these same numbers? Thanks in advance! (And no need to encourage a retake as I am already set on it and have continued studying since writing in September).

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