Planning for the future

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Planning for the future

Postby rplopez720 » Fri May 18, 2018 3:22 pm

Aloha ohana!!

How is everyone doing? I hope well. I am in the process of planning the next few years leading up to my law school application process, and was hoping for a little advise.

First a few foot notes, like most people I am interested in getting into the best program from the best school possible. I am currently in the army in the middle a 6 year contract (ETS summer of 2022). As such money really isn't as much as an issue due to the GI Bill/Yellow Ribbon programs. I have an associates in Intel Operations, a bachelors in poli sci and international relations, and currently getting a masters in cybersecurity (I am using the TA program and only have 2 more classes and the capstone left). I also have GPC (a GEOINT professional certification) Net+, Sec+, and A+ for professional certifications. As anyone can probably tell I would to practice the law with regards to technology and the digital world.

I am currently planning out the next few years leading up my LSAT prep and law school application process (I am super type A and was bored at work so I figured I could start planning it out). I am planning on taking the test in spring 2021 and then summer 2021 if need be. I have really tried to stay in school and involved since graduating undergrad in 2014. hence the litany of secondary degrees and professional certifications. \The way I see this is my profile breakdown when looking at my application. Obviously the biggest factor when in comes to getting into the best school is my LSAT score. On the practice tests that I have taken I have scored between 165-168.

4.0 GPA Masters (Cybersecurity, this is my current GPA and the one I should be graduating with)
4.0 GPA Associates (Intelligence Operations)
URM (Mexican)
Adopted (not sure if this actually means anything, but anything that could help a bit)
Military Service (6 years, at the time of application)
GPC (GEOINT professional certification)
Special Forces Experience (worked in support of group for the first 1.5 years of my contract)

3.1 GPA Undergrad (Double major Political Science and International Relations)


Being a realist I make no illusions about where I stand and the type of school that I could get into. While the big three (HYS) will forever be out reach due to my poor undergrad GPA, I feel that if I can get my LSAT score up to between 175 and 180 I would have a great shot at the T4-T15 schools. So my question is what sort of steps can I take to help ensure this reality? What have people done in preparation for the LSAT to reach those top scores? Anyway any advise would be helpful!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


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