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Postby Commuter1120 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:23 pm

I have a really unique situation, and hoped someone may be able to offer some insight on my chances - specifically, at Harvard, BU, and BC.
My total undergrad GPA is 2.89, due to 20+ credits of Fs at an institution I withdrew from mid-semester in 2012. This particular institution had a policy to record any late withdrawals as Fs and count them against GPA.
I took some time off of school following this, and have been working full-time since mid-2012.
I returned to school part-time in 2014 and will be completing my degree in the Spring. Finance major, reputable state school. I’ve maintained a 4.00 GPA over the last four years while working, so my degree GPA is obviously much higher than my UGPA.
My question is, with this backstory and the split between UGPA/Degree GPA and also UGPA/LSAT, do I have a shot, or will my application get tossed on the sub-3.0 UGPA alone?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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Re: (2.89/4.00)/175

Postby Mikey » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:39 pm


Harvard more than likely won't happen.

BU and BC you may still have chances at. Apply broadly and see what happens, your cycle will be very unpredictable.

Congrats on the 175!

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Re: (2.89/4.00)/175

Postby cavalier1138 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:00 pm

You do not have a 2.89/4.0. You have a 2.89. That's going to cause some serious issues with applications to most of the T13, so your best bet is to apply broadly.

BU/BC will be more likely, but depending on what you want to do, a non-local T13 might be a better option.

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