3.24-175, some WE

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3.24-175, some WE

Postby ADC2018 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:22 pm


I attended a state school in the South (3.24) and stayed for a masters degree in public policy (3.4). I worked in the private sector for the two years I was in grad school and as a statistician for the federal government for two years since. My LSAT score was a 175.

1. What is my chance at Penn, Columbia, and NYU? I see that relatively similar profiles have gotten in, but the sample size is so small that it's difficult to get a clear picture. Does anyone that has similar stats have any info/advice?

2. Are my stats likely to see any significant money from the bottom t-14 or top of the non t-14? I'm thinking of places like GULC, Vandy, UCLA, etc..


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