IB + PE > UPenn JD/MBA

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Re: IB + PE > UPenn JD/MBA

Postby cavalier1138 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:05 pm

huglife wrote:It is a mildhuge waste of time given I don't want to be a lawyer...

Don't go to law school.

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Re: IB + PE > UPenn JD/MBA

Postby BlendedUnicorn » Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:12 pm

huglife wrote:
BlendedUnicorn wrote:It's tough to see how the JD makes any sense for you and wouldn't just be a giant waste of time and money but if you really want to get into Penn or HLS you're going to need a monster LSAT. Honestly, I wouldn't even bother with that step given how little a JD will help you.

Haha I in no way have a shot at HLS. I know that so it's a non-starter.

It is a mild-waste of time given I don't want to be a lawyer but the coursework past 1L does interest me and it helps from a resume/profile basis down the line. So while yes it's a waste as I'll never be a lawyer. Not waste for other reasons. At least to me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the coursework past 1L won't be any more relevant either.

Law school is best thought of as a way to extract rent from and sort/filter people who want to be lawyers. From an academic or professional development perspective it's a giant waste of time. This is true of 1L classes and of higher level classes.

If you don't believe me though, go nuts. You'll need a great LSAT score but even with a 180 Penn won't be a sure thing.

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Re: IB + PE > UPenn JD/MBA

Postby Hi-So - ArshavinFan » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:29 pm

corporatemandaorbust wrote:
huglife wrote:
Hi-So - ArshavinFan wrote:
huglife wrote:
kartelite wrote:
huglife wrote:Hey all,

My background prior to PE was in a restructuring group at a well regarded IB (Evercore, PJT, Moelis, Houlihan).

PJT was just formed two years ago so I doubt you worked there before your current job if you've been there close to two years..

With your background, an MBA from Penn or any comparable school will set you up fine for the positions you're looking for. I did a JD/MBA, and got interviews for several restructuring/distressed positions (also had finance background), but so did a bunch of my MBA classmates. Having some legal background is undoubtedly helpful, but with your GPA honestly I think it would be tough to go somewhere like Penn, so just enjoy your two years of b school.

I mean.. I could say BX Restructuring but its the same thing, same people. I could have also left my group off (Lazard).

Interesting though on the other note, fits most of what I've seen and been told. The JD isn't the "magic answer" to getting back into the distressed world after grad school but from talking to headhunters, etc. there are some firms that "prefer" or "give credit to" that background. Whether or not that credit puts you above a regular MBA, who knows. Probably not based on your experience.

Also agree on my gpa and background. Though I'd rather stay in the industry than go back for just an MBA outside HBS or GSB

MBA MBA MBA - your GPA is too low, and your work experience is not impressive enough tbh. I would say if you got a 175+, go for NYU they like banking/consulting exp ( it helped me at least and a white non urm friend ( but he also went to West point).

I'm actually pretty surprised you're even considering law, given that the exits from Lazard are out of this world world and from PE - are even more fucking incredible. Also given the fact that you worked at what is possibly the BEST restructuring group in the world at Lazard - im super confused. If anything theres gotta be like at least 2-3 hedge funds that will take you since you s"should have the special technical skills necessary that most other bankers in other groups wouldnt have. Are are you sick of distressed investments in general?

I am not considering law, I like the value proposition of the JD/MBA even if its only aesthetics for what I do in distressed PE. I would never ever ever be a lawyer. I'd have to take a 30% haircut to my current year comp to be a 1st year big law associate. I also never said I was at Lazard, just that I may not have listed my bank specifically.

I mean I have M&A experience, I have restructuring experience and I will have 2-3 yrs of Distressed PE + Distressed Credit HF (we do both) by the time I'd "matriculate".

There is also an intangible aspect, which I am more than willing to admit. I am more lenient on my math of if this is economically worth it because I do want to do the program. Call it FoMo or whatever you want.

But alas I'm irrational. I wouldn't go to Stern or NYU Law let alone the combo of both. I will likely get the offer to stay on at my current fund or can look to go elsewhere without the MBA or JD/MBA which I would most definitely do before I even sent in an application to NYU.

The only places I'd go to school are HBS, GSB and the Wharton JD/MBA. If I was backed into a corner I'd consider just Wharton or maybe Columbia. Outside that circle I just stay in the industry

I think you are underrating NYU - especially NYU law (which is ranked higher than UPenn Law btw)

Yeah - he definitely is- dont worry lmao. in my next post im gonna have to humble him. This guy doesnt know what the hell hes in for- especially without a credible LSAT score in hand.

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