Splitter @ Philly local schools

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Splitter @ Philly local schools

Postby Jhp1 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:21 pm

2.7 GPA 165 LSAT

CHANCES at Temple, Villanova, Widener (Delaware)?

I can write an addendum for the GPA but it's family health issues - nothing especially unique.

Temple is #1 choice for instate tuition - strong ties to the area and family connection at medium sized firm w/ probable job offer. Yearlong internship with DA office juvenile court, recommendation from an ADA.

Thanks and happy holiday!


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Re: Splitter @ Philly local schools

Postby nick417 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:13 am

You're joking with Widener, right? Your GPA could be 2.0 and you would still receive a full scholarship. I wonder if anyone recently with a 160+ LSAT score attended Widener. Also, why is Widener a choice when Drexel and Rutgers-Camden are better schools and would certainly accept you with a 165 LSAT score?

As for your question, I assume you will get in all three of those schools with a 165 LSAT score. But I would highly suggest expanding to Drexel and Rutgers-Camden if you want to stay in Philly and drop Widener (no one should ever go there under any circumstance; just look at their bar pass rate for the July 2016 exam). The goal is to receive as many scholarships as possible and then bargain them against Temple to receive more $$$

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Re: Splitter @ Philly local schools

Postby banana$$stand » Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:57 am

I'd say you'd be very close to a full-ride at all the schools mentioned (supplemented by a decent application overall).

As someone who attended one of those schools with a full-ride, perhaps you should consider retaking? Idk if you feel you peaked, but if you can squeeze out a couple more LSAT points, some stronger regional schools could be at play.

But Temple/ Nova full-ride and the ability to not take out high interest loans for COL is a solid play IMO.

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