3.85/170 +softs at Stanford?

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3.85/170 +softs at Stanford?

Postby urbanac » Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:27 pm

Hi guys-- first, thank you in advance for the sage advice.

Here's the deal:

GPA: 3.85, poli sci major at public university
LSAT: 170
5 years work experience-- teach for america, then working for an international development company working in several different african countries. I was mainly working in the education sector, but have some decent experience working with developing country govrernments.
LOR-- 2 bosses from my 2 most recent jobs + 1 former professor

I'm particularly interested in Stanford-- I think their law school vibe would match my academic style and they have a great ed school that I can hopefully joint degree in. That doesn't mean I wont apply elsewhere, but I want to make sure im making the right decisions to maximize chances at my ideal choice.

Didn't take September LSAT, but wondering if I should retake December or just work on a killer application with my numbers.

Thank you, again.


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Re: 3.85/170 +softs at Stanford?

Postby grades?? » Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:41 pm

Not great chances honestly. Also teach for america is not a great soft anymore. Im at duke/uva and over 10% of one of my classes (which has 100 people in it) are former TFA. Lots of people have TFA now. It wont hurt you but it wont help. Get a few more points on the lsat and it might help chances.

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Re: 3.85/170 +softs at Stanford?

Postby guynourmin » Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:22 am

Below median at both without any remarkable softs (you'll look better than a 3.85/170 kjd, but not better than a 3.85/171 kjd). So, chance, definitely, but probably right what mylsn says for an applicant above the schools 25th/below their median: 15% (5/6/22, acc/wl/rej). every point in a retake would help imo.

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