(3.82/175) T3 chances? Other schools.

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Re: (3.82/175) T3 chances? Other schools.

Postby retaking23 » Thu May 14, 2015 10:22 pm

Numbers solid. Don't retake. Work on application. Epic personal statement --> ruby.


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Re: (3.82/175) T3 chances? Other schools.

Postby MikeJackson21 » Sun May 17, 2015 5:52 pm

RunnerRunner wrote:
MikeJackson21 wrote:Really though is there any merit to a retake? The LR/RC have come to me naturally (0 to 3 PT) but I still have issues with LG (-2 to -5, -4 acutal I think). I have issues with spatial reasoning and processing speed but the consensus seems that these can be hammered out with repetition. Would a 178+ get me significantly more money at somewhere like Chi?

It won't get you more money at Chicago. You're already well above their 75th and you'd have to have a higher GPA to be competitive for a Ruby or other huge schollies there. You'll likely get more money out of Columbia than out of UChi. As for there being merit to a retake: I suppose there is in the sense that higher is always better, and gives you slightly better odds at certain things. And hell, if you've got nothing better to do and are very confident in 178+, go for it! But is it necessary? No. You can get in anywhere with your numbers, at this point your application and softs are likely going to determine the rest.

ED Northwestern then? I don't like the NY/DC area (not that it's bad, just think the COL is kind of absurd for what it is) and it doesn't seem like I'll get Ruby w/ GPA and 25th percentile softs. Gambling savings and parents would cover anything left over so I could graduate with zero debt. I'm just a bit uneasy going to a school outside T10 but considering Chicago biglaw is my #2 outcome (FL Biglaw is a bit pipedreamish it seems) I think it would be irrelevant.

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