June LSAT for this cycle???

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June LSAT for this cycle???

Postby longhorn65 » Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:46 pm

So I talked to a couple of schools about some of my extenuating circumstances regarding the LSAT and asked if they would review an application after a June score was applied. All of them said yes but I wanted to ask what the morbidly pessimistic TLS'ers thought about this. So I've applied to GWU, UT, George Mason, and Georgetown all of which said they would review my june lsat when it came out. Even going as far as to say if I was denied from them they would reconsider with the June LSAT. What could be the potential downfall to taking this approach if any (THIS IS TLS there will definitely be some but I'm being courteous) Thanks in advance and please DON'T be a horse's.....well you get my drift!

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