172/2.85 T50 Chances

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172/2.85 T50 Chances

Postby Poldy » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:34 am

2.85 GPA
172 LSAT
Engineering Major/Economics Minor - Top Engineering School

What are my chances at T50 schools for both acceptance and scholarships? I know my GPA is very low but for what its worth, it is at a school known for having a very difficult curriculum. My major GPA is considerably better if that matters. I graduate this May but by then I will already have two years of industry experience (I've worked in industry since the end of my sophomore year while attending school). I'm open to almost any school but so far have been looking at Colorado and Texas.

Any thoughts?


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Re: 172/2.85 T50 Chances

Postby BigZuck » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:43 am

Check out http://www.mylsn.info

Your LSAC GPA is all that matters


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Re: 172/2.85 T50 Chances

Postby thatsnotmyname » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:58 am


You have a very broad scope, but if you are interested in T14 I think you have a shot at Northwestern, especially with work experience, as I believe they do accept sub 3.00 GPA splitters if the LSAT is high enough. The only other options in the T14 may be if you apply ED to UVA or Georgetown, just looking at LSN, it doesn't look like UVA is friendly to sub 3.00 splitters who ED while Georgetown is.

As far as T50, it's a pretty useless distinction like many will tell you on this forum. It's tough to know what schools you should apply to without knowing which markets you'd like to practice in more specifically. But it's also a bit tougher to predict splitter cycles. Looking at LSN though, it looks like you're out at University of Texas but have good shots everywhere else in Texas, including SMU and UHouston. It looks like SMU would actually be quite likely to shell out a sizable scholarship as well and maybe Houston would. I think SMU and Houston would be okay choices if you get scholarships and would be fine staying in Dallas or Houston, respectively.

As far as Colorado schools go, not much of a sample size of applicants with similar numbers, but I'd bet you'd be accepted to UC Boulder if you present a compelling reason for why you want to be there in your application.

Just in terms of rankings and value after scholarship, I would say that your best bet looks like it would probably be WUSTL. Looks like you'd get in for sure and that they would throw some decent money your way. Definitely an option to consider if you'd be okay practicing in the midwest.

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