Soft's for HYS

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Re: Soft's for HYS

Postby jmdogg88 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:25 am

drawstring wrote:I think K-JD status is important too and shapes how some adcoms view your application. My interviewer seemed to focus largely on the fact that I was in school and didn't have post-graduation WE, and possibly overlooked the fact that I still had substantive, relevant, and prolonged experience despite still being in undergrad. Even just a year out of school and some post-graduation WE may help you avoid the K-JD downfall I think I may be experiencing.

K-JD is very important. Adcomms want to know that you have considered law school fully, which is something best proved by time (spent doing anything after undergrad); attrition protect is of the utmost importance to HLS. You may be in for a wait, dude. You will know soon enough, so try to not stress too much.

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