splitter dilemma (3.2/175)

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splitter dilemma (3.2/175)

Postby typicalsplitter » Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:22 pm

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Would like some input on the following situation:

I'm considering whether to apply ED to UChicago. Numbers are 3.2/175. I have decent LORs (I think), but not great other softs. Just graduated college, and currently working as an SAT tutor. No firm plan about what I want to pursue after graduation; big law and PI are both on the table. I'm definitely going to apply for clerkships, but that's not really something I can count on, obviously.

Pros: From limited myLSN data, it seems like there's a small ED bump for splitters.
Cons: I could potentially get money at lower T-14s (NU? Georgetown?), and perhaps substantial money outside the top 14 (WUSTL).

I would strongly prefer to be in Chicago for the next three years, because that's where my girlfriend is going to med school. Don't really know where I want to be after graduation.

Do you guys think the ED bump is real/substantial? What are my chances for money at lower T-14s and non-T14s? Thanks!

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Re: splitter dilemma (3.2/175)

Postby rseaney » Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:55 pm

seems to me like you've got nothing to lose applying ED if chicago is your top choice. also, i think chicago carries enough clout that even if you got money at georgetown, you'll likely make more long term coming from chicago

that said, while you're a shoe-in for admittance at a couple of those lower t14s, i dont think you're likely to get much $$ there. at notre dame, or WUSTL or emory tho, you could probably get some

go to chicago dude great school, your lady, and the respect of that jd make it an easy call i think


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Re: splitter dilemma (3.2/175)

Postby Crowing » Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:17 am

Your chances at NU RD are probably good, so if you just want to be in Chicago I wouldn't ED anywhere.

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