174/ 3.75 URM Weak Softs a problem?

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174/ 3.75 URM Weak Softs a problem?

Postby skippy » Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:48 pm

I'm finishing up my law school applications and wanted to get an idea of where to apply now that I have my October LSAT score.

I'm a female, Puerto Rican applicant. I know with my numbers alone I should have a good shot at a lot of the T-14 minus HYS, but I have pretty weak softs (only a few extracurriculars, no work experience, no awards, applying straight out of undergrad). I was wondering how much this will hurt me in terms of where I get in and if I get any money? Could I realistically expect to get into Columbia, UPenn or Chicago (my top choices)?

(Also, not sure how important it is but I think my LORs should be at least above average. I asked two professors who I know well and have worked hard in a couple of their classes. And I'm working on my PS now but I don't think its anything spectacular)


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Re: 174/ 3.75 URM Weak Softs a problem?

Postby jbagelboy » Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:09 pm

You're too modest. I think you are in at HCCN, good chance at SLS, with big $ all the way down. Chances for full rides at a lot of T14 and half rides or more at CCN

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