174/3.54, 3.79 with special considerations

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Re: 174/3.54, 3.79 with special considerations

Postby dnptan » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:33 pm

jbagelboy wrote:
patfeeney wrote:
RedShift wrote:Columbia and NYU would be more likely than Harvard or Yale to accept a 3.54/174. You don't happen to be a URM do you?

Very, very white and male. The only thing I could say that would diversify me is a nervous condition that qualified me for disability services and extended testing conditions at my undergrad.

One question: how heavily do schools consider double majors?

Not at all, but firms will if one of them is electrical or biomedical engineering

As a double Major in Biomedical Engineering/Biology, I can confirm this. I can also say that one of the schools that accepted me last cycle (T6) had a post-it note on my acceptance saying they were interested in my Biomed background. Even then, I seriously doubt they cared that I had a second major, they just cared about one of them.

Shoot for HYS any way. You never know. At least for H/S, the app fee is worth it. Unfortunately I'm 99% sure you're out at Yale. CCN is do-able/reach. Solid shot at the t7-14 though.

Also RE: Softs, it's hard for you to stand out with them. I thought I had a pretty good soft before entering this forum (founded a start-up) but now I know it's above-average at best. Probably not even a consideration for my HYS apps.


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Re: 174/3.54, 3.79 with special considerations

Postby BigZuck » Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:03 pm

By all means apply to HYS if you want (cuz YOLO). But I don't see it happening with a 3.5

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