177 LSAT/2.5 GPA

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177 LSAT/2.5 GPA

Postby superbeta » Mon Sep 23, 2013 5:45 am

Hello, I would love some advice on where to apply. I already have my personal list of reaches, targets, and safeties, but would like some outside opinions.

Had a very downward trend in college before dropping out, returned 7 years later and raised my GPA up to 2.5 with several excellent terms (3.9 GPA). In the meantime, I took over and ran a small business. Found out later than I was suffering from severe anxiety disorder during college which might have affected my academic performance. Will be around 35 when I start law school.

My dream school is Cornell.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: 177 LSAT/2.5 GPA

Postby Clearly » Mon Sep 23, 2013 5:49 am

Holy hell, I thought I was a splitter.

Well, it's going to be really tough to predict your results, as there exist virtually no people with your numbers, esp those that have had such an absurd upward trend and distance from their bad grades. Unfortunately I think Cornell is likely out because of the GPA. I do think NU would take a shot on you though, with the work experience and LSAT...


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Re: 177 LSAT/2.5 GPA

Postby workaholic82 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:20 pm


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