CUNY Law with a 148?

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Re: CUNY Law with a 148?

Postby uvabro » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:59 pm

LionelHutzJD wrote:Oh please I can dissect an argument very well. Just doing 27 of them in 35 minutes isnt exactly indicative of real life.

the problem is that it is given the way exams work. timing on the lsat is nothing compared to timing on law school exams. i don't know if i'll be a good lawyer or a bad one, but i do know i did well on the lsat and well 1st semester so i'm not just making stuff up. cockiness is your worst enemy dude.

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Re: CUNY Law with a 148?

Postby AssociateX » Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:48 pm

uvabro wrote:At the extremes the LSAT does test who will do well in law school. I'm sorry but if you can't break down the logic of a 3 sentence argument there's no way you'll break down the logic of a 10 page old archaic British case well enough to recognize and use it on an exam fact pattern. I agree the 180 vs a 160 will be more about test taking strategy than aptitude but the 148 lacks the baseline aptitude to succeed or even place anywhere outside of the bottom 10 percent. It can be learned but if one is too lazy to acquire these skills before law school why would they acquire it with deadlines in law school? I'd like to hear anecdotal evidence of a sub-150 being top 10 percent even at a 4th tier, and you'll need that to get a job. It's not entirely random. The extremes are predictable. A 180 will not be at the bottom of CUNY and a 148 will not be at the top.

Anecdotal evidence of 148 scorers doing well in law school and in law? If that is your question, I have a ton of anecdotes for you. My section at Brooklyn Law had 5 students in the sub 150 LSAT range. 2 of them did well and one of them boosted their GPA from the top 1/2 to the top 1/3rd by 2L and landed a summer associate gig at Paul Hastings (and he is now a partner there). Another friend with a 149 was middle of the pack but landed on a secondary Journal after the writing comp and landed a job at a mid sized lit firm. I also remember serving as a mentor for incoming law students when I was a 3L and had a student coming in with a 148 but a 3.6 from Wellesley. She struggled to pass the Bar exam due to the issues she has with standardized testing but worked at a small securities brokerage firm the entire time.

The LSAT is probably the easiest standardized test you will take prior to law school until you reach the Big, Bad BAR EXAM which consists of 200 multiple choice questions you need to complete in two 3 hour sections. Good luck. I agree you should retake. CUNY Law does accept 148 and 149 LSAT scores, but they will go to good lengths not to advertise it in their admissions brochures (hint: they take them off the waitlist so it's not counted as an "acceptance" for USNWR purposes).


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Re: CUNY Law with a 148?

Postby jdcpahuahua » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:43 pm

I think "retake" means pretty much that you don't have big chance. Isn't this what you ask for? If you just keep misunderstanding such implied answer, I will say your 148 isn't a surprise.

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