166/3.75 TfA + work experience

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166/3.75 TfA + work experience

Postby Ruthie » Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:22 pm

What are my odds? I'm applying to a shit ton of schools because of fee waivers...

1. Berkly
2. Boston College
3. Boston University
4. UoChicago
5. DePaul
6. Duke
7. Emory
8. George Washington
9. Georgetown
10. Northwestern
11. Southern Methodist
12. UCLA

I've got strong rec letters (I think :P), not my numbers are iffy... Obviously some of these are reaches and safety schools. Thoughts?

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Re: 166/3.75 TfA + work experience

Postby banjo » Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:46 pm

You need to eek out at least four more points. A combination of MLSAT, Powerscore and some of those Cambridge packets will do the trick. Also -- and this is somewhat unconventional advice for our coddled times-- you should absolutely beat yourself up and get frustrated over careless errors. Confine yourself to a corner and visualize the words you misread or misunderstood until they're burned into your head. If you miss an inference, redo the game ten times in a row. It may be an unproductive strategy in the short term, but it builds mental discipline in the long term, which is what the LSAT really tests. Train yourself to be a careful, critical reader and thinker and you'll start getting fewer and fewer wrong as the days go by.

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Re: 166/3.75 TfA + work experience

Postby Doorkeeper » Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:25 pm

1. Berkeley- Rejected
2. Boston College- Accepted
3. Boston University- Accepted
4. UoChicago- Rejected
5. DePaul- Accepted
6. Duke- Rejected
7. Emory- Accepted
8. George Washington- Accepted or WL
9. Georgetown- Toss up (40% acceptance)
10. Northwestern- Rejected
11. Southern Methodist- Accepted
12. UCLA- Rejected

Summary: Retake the LSAT and score above a 169.

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