3.1/156 (estimated)/work experience/strong extra cirricular

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Re: 3.1/156 (estimated)/work experience/strong extra cirricular

Postby jkpolk » Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:17 pm

hume85 wrote:
romothesavior wrote:You have a great job that pays the bills at a reputable company. DO NOT LEAVE THIS FOR A SHITTY SCHOOL! Sorry for yelling, but it is so, SO important that you get this. A 3.1/156 is bad across the board, and no school worth attending is going to admit you with those numbers, no matter what your softs are. The bottom line is this: Your current job and financial situation is leagues better than most graduating law students right now, especially those graduating from schools that take 3.1/156 stats. I have friends at my T20 who would chop off a leg to work at a Big 4 accounting firm right now, and you get to do it without having wasted three years and six-figures on a law degree. You're in great shape right now.

If you really want to be a lawyer, and really understand what you're trading for and what you want out of a law degree, then you need to take another year, keep working your current job, studying your face off for the LSAT, and then retake. With a 3.1 GPA, you'd likely need a ~170 to make this even arguably worth it. Your odds of a biglaw job at a school that accepts 3.1/156s are terrible.

It sounds like you are an ambitious, intelligent, hard-working person. You've got a great job. But your law school stats suck, and no amount of student organizations or commencement speeches can make up for that. Personally, I would never tell someone to leave a great job for law school, but if you are committed to doing it, then you need to do it right. Quitting your job to go to law school next fall would likely be the biggest career and financial mistake of your life. Put yourself in a position to succeed. Wait and retake.


You're lucky to have big 4 accounting - don't throw it away.

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