Engineering Undergrad --> Patent Law, Need Reality Check

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Engineering Undergrad --> Patent Law, Need Reality Check

Postby nxaver12 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:37 pm

I am a currently an undergraduate student that has been thinking about applying for law school even before I started college. I more or less shadowed a patent attorney back in 2010 and since then it seems to fit what I think I want to do with my professional career. I really enjoy engineering in the sense that I love reading and thinking about new technologies however my math and science skills are not that great in the sense that I could not see myself working in the field and applying my skills. I actually have a much easier time grasping business and economics concepts than I do engineering concepts but I don't enjoy business and economics as I do engineering (hence why I didn't go that route).

I am posting here for a reality check. I'm looking to get clear information regarding what good patent law schools look for in students since all I have read and heard doesn't, in my opinion, directly apply to my situation/background. Basically, with the below background information, which schools would even consider me as a solid candidate and which ones would be a reach for me? I fear that my undergraduate GPA in engineering will hold me back from getting into a good law school despite my aptitude for business, economics and law is far superior than my aptitude for engineering.

Cooperative Education Program (5 year program of which 1.5 years are done working in the field on co-op)
Major: Materials Science and Engineering (further geared toward Biomaterials)
Minor: Engineering Management
Current GPA: ~3.0 (realistically aiming to graduate with a 3.15 to 3.25; highest I can graduate with given I get all As is 3.49 (however this is very optimistic))
Have scored As in all of my business, economics, and business law classes (4 classes)
Co-op Experience:
1. Worked 6 months R&D for a corporate branding and trim products company that supplied products to major sports eyewear manufacturers and leading golf companies, among other companies in various industries.
--- Worked on projects that required researching new technologies from a company standpoint to designing and launching experimental products for customers. Worked on reverse engineering competitor parts and verify that our own parts had not been copied.
2 and 3. Have yet to go out on co-op; these will amount to 1 more year of work experience; these will most likely be in the Biomaterials/Biomedical field.

I also have not taken the LSATs but based on practices exams I average a 150.

I apologize if this post is hard to make sense of, my thoughts are currently all over the place and I'm hoping that some insight here will calm my nerves down. Just to reiterate what I'm looking for: How much do patent law schools rely on undergraduate GPA? How much do they rely on work and other experience? Which schools can I realistically look at and which schools would be a reach?

I appreciate any help and regards,


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Re: Engineering Undergrad --> Patent Law, Need Reality Check

Postby bk1 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:13 pm

All they are going to care about is your GPA/LSAT. Your possible GPA is okay and your LSAT is bad. Focus on significantly improving your score and keeping your grades high.

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Re: Engineering Undergrad --> Patent Law, Need Reality Check

Postby sky7 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:45 am

Apply to be an Examiner at the PTO. If you get it, move to DC and spend a year or two doing that. Then go to law school at night while you enjoy a cushy job during the day.

You won't have any problems getting a job with experience examining and a law degree.

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