Advice on what to aim for?

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Advice on what to aim for?

Postby Err26 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:29 pm

Like many others, I have my LSAT in just over a week and I want to know what my target score should be to give me a chance at certain schools. I took the LSAT once before and got a 158 (of which I am not proud) but have been testing around a 165-167 this time around. My LSAC GPA is a 3.82 from a Top 40 private university. I am a first generation immigrant and the first in my family to attain an American college degree, though I suppose that still does not make me URM as I am white (from Ukraine). I have held several prestigious internships (including Congressional), have a strong resume, presumably strong recs, and hope to knock out a pretty solid personal statement. What score should I shoot for in order to give me a good chance at admission to these universities?

Dream schools (would love to attend but won't be upset if I don't get in): Columbia, NYU

TRULY want to attend these schools: Berkeley, Northwestern, Georgetown, Penn, UVA, Duke, Vandy, or Wash U St. Louis

Also willing to settle for: GW, Emory, Fordham, Cardozo, UNC Chapell Hill, CU Boulder, American

What score should I aim for to give me a solid shot at these schools? Will a 165 put me in a decent position for at least some of them? How about a 167? Or do I need to go higher? seems to say so, but I feel like it's fallaciously generous.

ALSO, I plan on applying to lots of schools. Maybe 20 or so if I get a lot of fee waivers. Money is important to me, so I think this will increase my chances of getting a good financial aid package and being able to use it for leverage. Will schools see this and hold it against me as if I am not serious about their school in particular? Is there a maximum number of apps that it is smart to not go over?

Thank you. All advice is sincerely appreciated. :)

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Re: Advice on what to aim for?

Postby 20130312 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:46 pm

Do as well as you can on the LSAT. Come back with a real score. Until then, enjoy Law School Numbers.

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