3.6/165 Chemical Engineer, 3+ years experience at law firm

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3.6/165 Chemical Engineer, 3+ years experience at law firm

Postby tbird » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:33 am

My GPA is deceiving. 3.6 is my LSAC GPA. My GPA since transferring to ASU 2 1/2 years ago is 3.96, with my core GPA in Chemical Engineering being 4.12 due to A+'s. Will any of that matter to law schools? When they report their numbers for entering classes, are they only allowed to use the LSAC gpa? I feel that I show a great upward trend in my grades, including knocking it out of the park in my most difficult courses. Chemical Engineering has been no walk in the park. Will this show well? I just got my June LSAT score back this week at 165. My diagnostic was 153, so I am feeling good about my improvement, and am not currently considering re-taking.

My top choice which would clearly be a reach is Berkeley. I have had my heart set on intellectual property for quite a few years, and they are clearly a top choice for that. Stanford would clearly be out of my LSAT range, but that would be sweet as well. Apart from Berkely, Arizona State is my top choice. I feel that I have a good shot there, and hopefully can get some scholarship money. What do you guys think my odds are of that? Other than that, I am also thinking of George Washington. My other interests are Arizona, and BYU. Opinions?

Softs: I have worked as a law clerk at a Scottsdale estate planning law firm for over three years. I have gotten great exposure and experience there. I also do and have done tons of community service. I currently volunteer in Cub Scouts, and the Make a Wish Foundation. I also participate in an ASU law school clinic called Innovation Advancement Program, where we do consulting and legal work for local startups that can't afford full priced services. I participate in a Chemical Engineering competition called "Chem-E car" which is really well known. Our ASU team actually won the regional tournament this year beating Stanford and the other big Cali schools. I am confident that I will be able to put together a strong personal statement. I think Chemical Engineering is my way of being diverse and can bring a different view to the schools I apply to.

Let me know my odds at the above schools. Also, of the mentioned items above, what should I emphasize the most in my applications?


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