Non-traditional Undergrad - Law School Admin Chance?

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Non-traditional Undergrad - Law School Admin Chance?

Postby DevFus » Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:31 pm

Forum Members,

I have searched the forums in advance in hopes of finding enough information to answer my question, to no avail. Here is the pertinent details:

I am 28 year old man, with three children. Currently, I am a Junior Finance major and should be completed with my undergrad in the Fall of 2013. After graduating from high school I continued working in the restaurant industry (I was already an associate manager) and then switched industries a couple of times. Each of my positions ended with a management positions.

Following my departure from my latest employer I enrolled in a local university. While in undergrad I have taken multiple classes surrounding law that have been taught by local attorneys and my desire to practice law has grown exponentially. Additionally, I am a 1/4 Hispanic and have always identified this way. I could explain my basis for identifying this way, considering how small of a percent it makes up, but that would require an entire post.

Now, onto my stats. Due to health issues in my children, the birth of my son, and other health related issues, my current cumulative g.p.a. is a 2.75 while my major class average is 3.85. The trend in g.p.a is upwards, not down. The practice exam of the LSATs no have taken have resulted in scores ranging from 165 - 174. The two schools I want to attend are Vandy and UTK (Tennessee Knoxville). I want to stay in TN and ideally work in the D.A office. Though I could attend Nashville Scool of Law, with them not being ABA approved, I would end up limiting my future options.

Don't hold back, do I stand a realistic shot of being admitted to either of these schools?

- Dev

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Re: Non-traditional Undergrad - Law School Admin Chance?

Postby Smumps » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:15 pm

Most of the responses are going to be "lol hypothetical."

But they have a point. It is useless to speculate on what schools you can get into until you have an actual LSAT score. If your LSADS GPA is a 2.75, you will have a significant uphill battle, even as a URM. My advice is to shoot for the highest score possible. Break 170. Use LSN to see what others have gained admission with.

Good luck.

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Re: Non-traditional Undergrad - Law School Admin Chance?

Postby Grizz » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:19 pm

Basically negligible shot at Vandy with the 2.75, I can say that. Also whether you get a URM boost depends on what type of hispanic.

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