Advice needed

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Advice needed

Postby BaoGasol » Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:07 am

In October 2011, I applied to some lower ranked schools such as Syracuse, Penn State, Santa Clara, UC Davis and American, with a 3.58 GPA and a 153 LSAT. Decent softs; an internship in a law firm, several leadership positions, and awards here and there.

I currently have a 3.59 GPA, which will most likely be bumped to about 3.65-3.68 range by the time I graduate. I will also be gunning for the top schools in the next cycle in September with this higher GPA.

Unfortunately, I have also taken the LSAT twice now, with a 153 and 157, in October and December, respectively. I will be taking time off and try again in June.

So my question is in two parts. I am aware that many schools now take the higher of LSAT scores, but in most cases I've read about, this has only been within two test scores, as opposed to the third I will rack up. I am confident that the nerves the day of the test keep fucking with me, and that the third time's the charm. I know that law school and anything that regards it is kind of mired in doom and gloom, but for my sanity's sake, I still believe I can score high (at least mid 60s). How unfavorable will the third score look, or will the T14 and schools below that threshold look at the higher score?

Secondly, what are the chances of getting into those three aforementioned schools with those numbers?

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