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Postby btowncane » Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:46 pm

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Re: 3.77/155

Postby Philosopher King » Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:51 pm

btowncane wrote:Hey everyone. I've already done some research on sites such as lawschoolpredictor and lawschoolnumbers but I wanted to see what the TLS community felt my chances are for getting into the best school possible with my numbers.

I took the LSAT three times (147,136,155) the 147 can be credited to a lack of studying and the 136 to a bubbling error (should have canceled).

For soft factors, I graduated cum laude from a top 50 university, I'm a first generation college graduate and have a years worth of work experience as a paralegal.

I live in MA so I've been looking at schools in the New England region such as Northeastern, Suffolk, and UConn. I graduated from UMiami so I'd like to give them a shot (boost for being an alum?), and basically any other school along the east coast (South Carolina, LSU, Richmond).

Any sort of advice on the schools listed above or others I didn't mention would be much appreciated, thanks.

The GPA and years worth of work experience should make you a shoe-in but, alas, the almighty LSAT says you won't be a good law student so don't expect the Adcomm geniuses to look past that. But make a killer PS with killer LORs and hope for the best. You would probably do very well in law school so apply at the schools you want to. I'm not sure if you'll get an alumni boost at U. of Miami and I have always wondered this myself. During my Heritage Foundation Internship last summer, I had a roommate that went to Yale and I asked him about Yale students going on to attend Yale Law School and he said that usually doesn't happen. That seemed weird to me but who knows. Maybe someone else can clear this up.

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Re: 3.77/155

Postby YourCaptain » Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:21 pm

none of the schools you've listed are worth going to, even with substantial scholarship. im just laying out the facts - your chances of employment (not biglaw, employment in general) are low.

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