3.56/159 NA Female w/5 yr WE. Do I even have a chance?

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3.56/159 NA Female w/5 yr WE. Do I even have a chance?

Postby hjones » Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:08 pm

Hi everyone! I've been lurking on the forums for months, but haven't posted before today. I posted this in the URM forum earlier, but thought I would ask here as well. (Sorry if that breaks some sort of internet etiquette.)

I am a registered member of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma, received a somewhat prestigious (I think...) national minority scholarship as an undergrad (I just mention this because I think it would be proof to ad comms that I'm a "real" NA), and interned at the Choctaw Nation tribal headquarters in college. I have 5 years teaching experience, and really would like to work in education law.

I got my LSAT score back today, and received a disappointing 159. I would LOVE to attend UT or Vandy, but plan on applying to OU as well, since it's in-state. With my low LSAT score/GPA combo, and as late in the game as it is, would it even be worth it to throw apps at Vandy and/or UT? Where else should I apply? I could go to OU and probably be ok with that, but I'm not 100% sure I'm willing to be tied to Oklahoma forever.

Thanks for your help!

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