drop in law school apps

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Re: drop in law school apps

Postby jpal13 » Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:09 pm

Tiago Splitter wrote:
viacavour wrote:
They also said that they were expecting an increase in the quality of applicants - for the reasons already said ITT. People getting 150s aren't willing to risk it anymore so less un-qualified candidates are applying.


People with crappy LSAT scores are also much more likely to buy into the BS that the schools spew. Conversely, people with high scores will likely be in a better position to choose alternative careers. Given this, it's entirely possible that the drop in applicants will be spread across the LSAT spectrum.

If the drop in applicants is spread evenly across the LSAT spectrum then everyone is in luck because there are less applicants of comparative quality in general. If the drop in applicants is from the lower end of the spectrum then this does not help 170+ at all.

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