LLM Schools

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LLM Schools

Postby KCBUFF » Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:54 pm

Hey Guys,

I was looking online and couldn't seem to find admission criteria for LLM programs. I am a 1L and I will (hopefully) be receiving a JD from a tier 2 school ranked around the 80's. I did not have the grades to get into a top 8 school and I figured that I would be smarter to go regional with scholarship.
Is getting an LLM worth the cost? I would be trying to add some mobility to a regional law degree as well as make myself more attractive to prospective employers. Are admission standards much more lax for an LLM? Does an LLM from a top 5 law school "erase" your JD school?

Does anyone know about admission requirements and whether these schools are worth the money just to get the name?

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