3.33/171 Splitter, chances?

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3.33/171 Splitter, chances?

Postby Da1andOnlyPharo » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:45 am

whats up everyone, heres ma story:

-currently a 4th year senior in finance
-Economics/Japanese minor
-going to ohio state university
-have a 3.33, if I got straight A's for the rest of the year I could potentially get a 3.51, but not likely.
-Just took Oct. 11 LSAT, first time, got a 171.
-Not URM, but have single mother and faced socioeconomic adversity.
-have some pretty good letters of rec from undergraduate faculty on the way.
-diverse but part-time work experience.
-incredibly weak extra curricular
-Charged and sanctioned for academic misconduct (use of unauthorized materials on exam)
-Charged but not sanctioned for bribery related to the charge above.

So, not trying to be vague here but where do you all think I stand? I'm hitting myself for not getting better grades, but I just decided to go to law school this summer. I also really shot myself in the foot with that academic misconduct but w/e, i've gotten the vibe that they don't really care as long as you own up to it. Anyways, I've been looking at T14, did my due diligence with the calculators but my GPA is so low I feel like any chances those say I have are due to extrapolation. That said, there IS the possibility that I could put school off a year, but I'm not really trying to do that just so I can raise my GPA. Dream school would probably be Berkeley, whether I'm, in fact, dreaming or not idc. Anything on the west coast would be nice, but I'm not to picky. If not T14, where should I set might sights?

Oh, and does anyone know of any school that has a particularly good entrepreneurial law program? I noticed schools rarely break there stuff down into programs like that, but I was at an OSU open house and they were saying they just opened a clinic for entrepreneurial law. Do you think its worth hitting the west coast specifically to be near where all that action is, if I'm interested in entrepreneurial law?


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Re: 3.33/171 Splitter, chances?

Postby splitster1221 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:48 am

I'd say good shot at UVA ED, but not sure how the misconduct thing will be viewed. Definite acceptance to WUSTL with probably over $20k/year. Maybe a chance at GULC, better with ED.

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