3.74 / 167, December re-take ?s

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3.74 / 167, December re-take ?s

Postby boardsofcleveland » Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:03 pm

I'm looking for a school that will let me practice in the Midwest (Chicago), though I'm not completely tied to location. After PTing in the low-to-mid 170s, I got a 167 on the October LSAT. I'm re-taking in December. GPA is ~3.74 from a top 20 ug.

I am thinking about splitting up my applications into two groups: Nov. apps towards schools which I think I have a shot at without a new score, and those apps (complete by January?) essentially to the T14, depending on the December test. But I am wondering how the retake and delayed process will affect possible $, admission, etc. Is it safe to go ahead and submit all my application material once ready to every school--even my reaches that depend on a high Dec. score--and ask some to withhold a decision? This is a stated policy on some top schools' websites (Michigan, UVA) but is absent from others, so I am wondering what is the assumed standard.

Either way, here are my schools so far. Where else should I look? What are my $ prospects?
Ohio State

And the T14: Is Cornell possible with my current stats? My favorites are Chicago, NW, UM, and UPenn; what will give me a fighting chance at these schools with an essentially January app? Thanks.

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Re: 3.74 / 167, December re-take ?s

Postby Grizz » Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:12 pm

You are a vanilla applicant.

See http://lawschoolnumbers.com/

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