3.51/159, Chances for Temple?

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3.51/159, Chances for Temple?

Postby y7fuxn » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:37 am

I have good softs:
-1 internship at a fortune 500 company
-1 summer internship at a private law firm
-Editor in Chief of my school newspaper
-good recommendation letters

business and communication double major
male, minority
private undergrad university
PA resident

Here is the breakdown of the enrolled students of 2011 1Ls: http://www.law.temple.edu/Pages/Prospec ... _Clas.aspx

Median LSAT is 160 - I have a 159 (hating myself right now)
Median GPA is 3.39 - I have a 3.51

Even though Temple's own website makes it sounds like I have good chances, the LSAC website has higher medians listed (161/3.47). I know the ABA stats I saw were admitted students vs. enrolled students. But it's still hard to tell what my chances are.

I need to figure this out so I know if I need to take the LSAT again. Please help and feel free to be completely (brutally if necessary) honest.

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