3.37 / 168 California Schools

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3.37 / 168 California Schools

Postby skitlets » Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:00 am

Would appreciate some insight. I have a 3.37 LSDAS GPA unless they count a single W, which brings it to around 3.3 flat.
168 on Oct of this year, which is a little below my standard. I've scored as high as 175 but I think 171+ is a reasonable possibility for December. I might retake depending on how much it helps my chances although it will obviously delay my applications.

I would like to go to a Northern California school. I live in San Francisco so I could save a lot of money living with my parents. UCLA is a possibility if I get in.
I have average softs. 1 year out of undergrad, I've been working since 2nd year of college. Poor background but nothing extraordinary.

Chances at Hastings and UCLA with 3.3 and a 168? I'm thinking of applying immediately to Hastings. LSP puts me at ~55% chance.
Can I have Hastings review my application with my October score but use my December score to determine financial aid? Or would it be wiser to just wait and hope I score higher in December?

I understand UCLA doesn't do rolling admissions so either way I would submit with my December score. How much of an advantage does UCLA provide over a local school in getting a job in northern California? I'm not completely sold on going back to SoCal (did my UG there) unless the advantage is large or UCLA offers a lot of money, which probably won't happen with a gpa so low.

Lastly, outside chance at Berkeley? I went over the numbers at LSN and it looks like I'd need a 175+ to just get waitlisted. Pipedream...

Thanks for any help. I'm really struggling with whether or not to retake for Hastings.

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Re: 3.37 / 168 California Schools

Postby Grizz » Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:08 am

You're a pretty vanilla applicant so LSN should work for you. Enjoy.

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